Looking For Tuttle Brothers?

If you are looking for 
Tuttle Brothers 
Riverview Funeral Home, 
please be assured you have
​come to the right place. 

In May of 2023 the Tuttle family business was sold as the last of the family fully retired from the profession. We have a new name but we are still here, still a local business, and still people you know, dedicated to serving our community whenever they need us.  You can read our story here.

We also want to reassure you that all pre-existing funeral records, all preplanned arrangements and pre-funded contracts that were on file with Tuttle's remain in place and secure with the funeral home. All of our past online obituaries can be found here on our new website.

We welcome your questions and comments and will be happy to address any concerns.  You can contact us here or by calling (506) 857-9544.